Vidit360 a DIY Panoramic 4K Video Camera using Mobius C2 Action camera parts.

Vidit360 camera full panoramic 4K video in a 120g camera DIY kit.
Vidit360 camera full panoramic 4K video camera DIY kit. Only 120 grams!!! perfect for drones and most action cam applications!

Based on the widely used Mobius action camera, Vidit360 is a Do-it-Yourself 360 camera solution targeted at R/C drone and action camera users. You buy the low cost case kit, insert your Mobius camera parts .. and you have a lightweight 120g 4K 360 camera for under $300.

Limited numbers of Vidit360 camera kits will be available, or print your own parts

We have made the Camera kit and STL files available for the purpose of encouraging community development of a free OpenSource high quality stitching software tool. While there are commercial video stitching software tools available such as Video Stitch and AutoPano, these are very expensive. Video examples using trial AutoPano default settings can be seen here.

The Vidit360 Quad mini USB connector has provisions for power and four live video out signals (FPV from 4 cameras). Imagine the complimentary QUAD FPV headset that Vidit360 is working on now, taking FPV closer to virtual reality, at an affordable price!



What parts are needed to build this awesome little 360 camera?

  • the Vidit360 camera kit (of course!)
  • four Mobius C2 Cameras (C2 lens only!)
  • silicone wire
  • optional:  power converters


  • 4K panoramic 360 video
  • 120 grams
  • 41 x 41 x 73mm body size